You are welcome to download and use the photos on this page. These photos were chosen to represent the general activities of Luis Palau, Andrew Palau, and various aspects of the Luis Palau Association. When you click on the link of the photo you want, it will be downloaded in a new Internet window (please make sure your "pop-up blocker" is off).

For photos from a specific event or of certain people not posted on this page, please visit Luis’ photostream on Flickr, as well as Andrew Palau’s photos on Flickr.

If you have any questions about photography, please contact Katie Bredemeier at 503.614.1500.


Luis Palau formal head shot [high res] [low res]
Luis Palau informal head shot [high res] [low res]
Luis Palau casual head shot [high res] [low res]
Luis Palau preaching [high res] [low res]


Luis Palau "on air" in radio studio [high res] [low res]
Luis Palau "on air" in radio studio (early 1990s) [high res] [low res]

With Others

Luis Palau with Zhao Qizheng [high res] [low res]
(coauthor of A Friendly Dialogue Between an Atheist and a Christian)
Luis Palau with the press [high res] [low res]
(in New York for the Friendly Dialogue book launch, February 2008)
Luis Palau with Ft. Lauderdale, FL, festival crowd (2003)
[high res] [low res]
Luis Palau with Monterrey, Mexico, crusade crowd (1960s) [low res]
Luis Palau with volunteers in Washington DC [high res] [low res]


Andrew casual head shot [high res] [low res]
Andrew casual full body shot [high res] [low res]
Andrew preaching [high res] [low res]
Andrew preaching with Tampa crowd [high res] [low res]
Andrew preaching in Mexico 2008 [high res] [low res]



Buenos Aires, Argentina (2008) [high res] [low res]
San Jose, Costa Rica (2006) [high res] [low res]
Fort Lauderdale, Florida (2003) [high res] [low res]
Villahermosa, Mexico (1999) [low res]


Counseling youth [high res] [low res]
Counseling family [high res] [low res]
Counseling teen [high res] [low res]

Family Fun Zone

Ventriloquist Mark Thompson [high res] [low res]
Bob the Tomato of VeggieTales [high res] [low res]

Livin It Action Sports

BMX stunt [high res] [low res]
Skate Pro Christian Hosoi [high res] [low res]
Skate Pro Judd Heald [high res] [low res]
FMX Pro and two-time X Games gold medalist Kyle Loza
[high res] [low res]


Partner Evangelist Jose Zayas [high res] [low res]
Partner Evangelist Mike Silva [high res] [low res]
Partner Evangelist Reid Saunders [high res] [low res]

Visit the NGA website for more partner evangelists.


In Portland, Oregon:
Eastwood Elementary Cleanup [high res] [low res]
Free lunch program [high res] [low res]
Homeless Connect [high res] [low res]

Other SOS locations:
Guatemala medical care [high res] [low res]
Manchester, England street cleanup [high res] [low res]